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Inclusive Instructional Techniques

General Disability Teaching Tips

The activity adaptations throughout Happenin’ Habitats are general enough to target a broad base of students with disabilities and should not be viewed as a definitive list of accommodations available to educators. As with all of us, children and teens with disabilities are individuals with a variety of strengths, needs, interests, and learning styles.

Not all participants with disabilities will need adaptations. Modifications should be made on an individual, as-needed basis and should encourage as much independence as possible. This basic premise should be your guide when adapting activities. When possible, modify adaptations to meet individual participant’s needs and always focus on individual strengths and abilities.

While each activity in Happenin’ Habitats contains specific adaptations, certain adaptations are general rules of thumb for presenting information to students with certain corresponding disabilities. Below are common adaptations and suggestions for each disability category. Please become familiar with these and incorporate them into each activity. Each individual activity contiains specific adaptations for that activity.

Click here to learn about some common adaptations and suggestions for teaching students with disabilities.

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