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Creating Habitat Sites


Drawing of habitat plan

Take baby steps. Remember that no Schoolyard Habitats® site is created in a day. Also remember that it is okay to start small and build in stages! This year a butterfly habitat, next year a pond . . .

The following activities will help lead you and your students through the creation and installation of a wildlife habitat site! From planning to planting, each step of this exciting process offers a variety of rich learning experiences.

Site Mapping
Before you make decisions about where or what to plant in the habitat site, be sure to assess the current characteristics of the land on which you will work. Click here to view information on how to take an inventory of the potential habitat site.

Before and after pictures of habitat

Dream Habitat
It is important to design a space with both wildlife and people in mind. Click here to find tips for imagining the possibilities for your habitat project.

Site Design
You will create a better design plan for your habitat site if you consider some tried-and-true techniques. Click here for tips on how to design your site.

Plant Selection
There are many factors to consider when choosing plants that are suitable for a particular wildlife habitat site. Click here for information on selecting the right plants and

Click here for a native plant list to create an exciting sensory garden for all students, including those with visual disabilities.

Breaking New Ground
The method for breaking new ground varies for each site. Click here for general tips to get you going.

Planting Your Wildlife Habitat Site
After weeks of planning, participants will be thrilled to see their plans become an actual wildlife habitat! Click here to learn how to plant your selections.

Creating a Habitat Care Guide
Habitat team members can pass on the knowledge they have gained about their site by creating a care guide for on-going maintenance. Click here to learn how to create that guide.

Certify Your Habitat Site
Join the thousands of learning communities across the country that have certified their sites with the National Wildlife Federation. It's a great way to recognize the hard work of your habitat team! Click here to download the application.